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How Seniors Can Save on Xfinity TV Service

With the rising costs of cable TV, finding an affordable provider can be a challenge, especially for seniors on fixed incomes. But entertainment doesn’t have to break the bank! According to Senior Discount from Modern60, Xfinity offers several senior discounts, money-saving tips, and packages to help seniors conveniently watch their favorite movies and shows without spending a fortune. By taking advantage of discounts and customizing your package, you can maximize savings and benefits with Xfinity’s TV plans. So ditch those expensive cable bills and learn how Xfinity can deliver budget-friendly TV service for seniors.

Tips to Save on TV Bills for Seniors

Look for new and existing customer offers TV providers usually tweak prices and offer promotional deals to attract new customers. If the senior is a first-time subscriber of the plan, they might be eligible for these discounts. Interestingly, even existing customers can get similar deals. They must look at the provider’s website to determine what is available. After this, they should log in to their account to look for similar deals. They could call a service representative to ask for the offer if nothing shows up. TV providers may not like losing customers and might be willing to offer additional discounts if one negotiates.

Opt for paperless billing A senior might be eligible for discounts, such as getting $5 to $10 off each month for choosing paperless billing and autopay. With Xfinity, customers could get a $10 monthly discount if they apply for the “ecobilling” option within the 30-day eligibility period.

Reduce equipment TV providers usually offer equipment on rent, and monthly fees for such items could be an added $10 to $20. Therefore, one could save on rental fees if they downsize in this department. A household with multiple TV coils designates a single family room for DVR recording or HD pictures, leaving TVs in other rooms for live TV or OTT streaming.

Pick only channels that are needed Seniors who cannot secure discounts or bundles should switch to a lower-tier TV plan to save money. One should consider listing all their must-have channels and see if a cheaper plan includes them. Furthermore, the customer could look for unnecessary add-ons that they do not use and remove them from the plan, which usually helps save a significant sum.

Xfinity TV Packages for Seniors

Xfinity does not offer senior-specific discounts on cable TV. Xfinity offers TV packages at various price brackets that many customers admire, including seniors. These prices vary depending on where one lives and what one needs with their TV, such as internet and phone access. In addition, Xfinity’s website has a useful channel lineup comparison tool to help one decide which package fits their needs. Those shopping from Xfinity, including seniors, should note that all plans have a DVR, HD capability, on-demand access, and the ability to download TV shows and movies with the Xfinity Stream app.

Here is a quick insight into what one could get with each package. The plans listed below are billed annually.

Choice TV package

The plan is available for about $20 per month, where customers get local access, and comes with 10+ channels, including ABC< CBS, FOX, and Univision. Seniors are not limited to the basic selection and can add channels to their plan anytime. The package suits those who desire basic live TV, minimal on-demand, and reliable reception. One could add a TV box for another television for about $8.50 monthly.

Popular TV package

The next plan offered by Xfinity is the Popular TV package, which costs $50 per month. The plan gives access to over 125 channels, most of which are mainstream offerings. A few highlights include ESPN, HGTV, Bravo, and ESPN. Seniors who desire bilingual shows can also add international channels to the existing plan without buying a separate package.

Ultimate TV package

The Xfinity Ultimate TV package is priced at the highest at about $68 per month. This grants access to more than 185 channels, including preferred sports channels, National Geographic Wild, and Disney Channel. The Ultimate TV package also includes an X1 TV box and voice remote. The deal best suits those who prefer premium content and can shell out a few extra dollars.

Xfinity Benefits for Seniors

Xfinity does not offer specific plans for seniors. However, select packages may come with additional benefits at the current price.

Voice remote

Changing channels, learning about the song being played, and looking for shows get easy with the voice remote. The remote requires the X1 TV box or Flex streaming box. Both options include integrated streaming, which means a senior could access select external OTT apps if they are comfortable doing so.

Xfinity Stream

Customers could use the Xfinity Stream service to stream their favorite on-demand shows and movies by downloading the Xfinity Stream app on their mobile devices.

No-penalty agreements

Some of Xfinity’s plans may require contracts. However, seniors may not have to pay additional charges to terminate the plan early. One should remember that monthly rates go up after the usual 12-month contract and should make adjustments accordingly.

An initial trial period

Unlike several other competitors, Xfinity usually offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on select plans. This allows seniors to pick a low-risk plan to decide whether to continue with Xfinity’s services or cancel within that time.

Accessibility options

Customers with visual impairments, including seniors, could check Xfinity’s website for accessibility benefits, such as a large-button remote at no additional fee. The remote offers better readability of keys and makes it easy for seniors, those with low vision or a visual disability, and other customers with disabilities to use. The remote is simple to program, can control two devices simultaneously, such as the TV Box and television, and is compatible with the Xfinity X1 TV Box.

Important Considerations for Seniors

Xfinity ensures that it is upfront about most of its terms and conditions. Still, seniors could check the “Pricing and other info” button on the website to read the fine print. Here are some crucial elements to keep in mind.

  • The monthly service rates usually go up after the 12-month contract period. Therefore, even if discounts apply for 24 months or more, they would apply to the higher “regular” rate applicable the following year.
  • One should budget for additional fees if they take a TV-only package. The plan may include installation costs. Moreover, most cable bills have a broadcast TV fee, a regional sports fee, and a monthly tax depending on the state one lives in.

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